Police stop truck with truck on top, with truck on top, with car on top

19 Feb 2013

Police thought they were seeing a vehicular version of a Russian doll when they stopped this amazing stack of vehicles.

Officers in Krefeld, Germany, couldn't believe their eyes when they pulled over a Polish truck driver who had made optimistic use of his 40t Iveco car transporter truck. The 47-year-old from Sobotka was en route to Belgium on Thursday (14 Feb) with a Mercedes car inside a truck inside a larger truck on top of his flatbed truck.

A Krefeld police spokesperson said: "Since the load securing did not meet the road traffic legislation, the onward journey was prohibited. Inadequate securing loads often leads to serious accidents. "The motorist had to pay a security deposit. Further travel was prohibited."

Image credit: Krefeld Polizei/Rex Features

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