Best video game villains of all time

Who would Mario be without his Koopa Troopers, Link without Ganondorf, Pong pad 1 without Pong pad 2?

We've looked back through decades of gaming to record the greatest villains and opponents to have reared their ugly heads. Only those who have been truly memorable have found inclusion, thanks to their quips, their sound effects, or the amount of times they caused us to throw our controllers at the TV.

We can't emphasise strongly enough that these are our favourites, and as such we'd love to hear who you'd include on your own list. Why not post your own top five in the comments below.

(Images: Games Press)

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  • Pong paddle: Pong (1972)

    Pong paddle: Pong (1972)

    It wouldn't be a proper list of villains if the original… More details

  • Space invader: Space Invaders (1978)

    Space invader: Space Invade…

    These pixelled terrors sealed their place in gaming history… More details

  • Pac-Man ghosts: Pac-Man (1980)

    Pac-Man ghosts: Pac-Man (1980)

    Challenging the Space Invader aliens for the title of… More details

  • Koopa Troopas: Mario series (1983)

    Koopa Troopas: Mario series…

    You're darn right we left Bowser out. The Koopa Troopas… More details

  • Ganondorf/Ganon: Zelda series (1986)

    Ganondorf/Ganon: Zelda seri…

    Gaming lists have one simple rule: the Master Sword has to… More details

  • Dr Wily: Mega Man (1987)

    Dr Wily: Mega Man (1987)

    Without Albert Einstein there'd be no Dr Wily, and without… More details

  • M. Bison: Street Fighter series (1991)

    M. Bison: Street Fighter se…

    No would-be dictator or ultimate final bosses can really… More details

  • Dr Ivo

    Dr Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik: S…

    Arguably one of the finest evil geniuses of gaming lore, Dr… More details

  • Cyberdemon: Doom series (1993)

    Cyberdemon: Doom series (1993)

    The original Doom manual didn't list the Cyberdemon in the… More details

  • Team Rocket: Pokémon series (1996)

    Team Rocket: Pokémon serie…

    While the frankly brilliant TV series of Pokémon gave Team… More details

  • Sligs: Oddworld series (1997)

    Sligs: Oddworld series (1997)

    The stumbling guards of the Oddworld series had a certain… More details

  • Psycho Mantis: Metal Gear Solid series (1998)

    Psycho Mantis: Metal Gear S…

    Psychic experts are usually kept locked away in the back… More details

  • Zombies: Any game ever

    Zombies: Any game ever

    With so much choice, we didn't know which game to include… More details

  • The Flood: Halo series (2001)

    The Flood: Halo series (2001)

    The reveal of the Flood in Bungie's masterful Halo: Combat… More details

  • Darth Malak: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003)

    Darth Malak: Star Wars: Kni…

    We're about to be controversial. Ready? The best twist to… More details

  • The Combine: Half-Life 2 (2004)

    The Combine: Half-Life 2 (2…

    We didn't think Half-Life 2 could match the brilliance of… More details

  • GLaDOS: Portal series (2007)

    GLaDOS: Portal series (2007)

    Valve are good at being bad. One of the best games of the… More details

  • Pigs: Angry Birds series (2009)

    Pigs: Angry Birds series (2…

    Cats and dogs. Cats and mice. Foxes and chickens. The… More details

  • The Joker: Batman: Arkham series (2009)

    The Joker: Batman: Arkham s…

    A legendary rivalry was reborn in Rocksteady's Arkham… More details

  • You


    Stick with us on this. There are plenty of games where… More details

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